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In an unfamiliar daily life, beauty turning point COSNORI

Meet the beauty turning point

"Your beauty is the inspiration of COSNORI."
Based on know-how, by utilizing the best raw material functions to meet the intrinsic value of the product,
We propose the best beauty solutions for everyday life.

In 2001, we entered the e-commerce market with cosmetics as an item in the early days of the Internet.
As one of the few first-generation online shopping malls at the time, starting with the Hong Kong branch,
it was the start and standard of overseas direct purchases sending overseas products to Korea.
It will launch its own brand, COSNORI,through trading services and exclusive imports of many imported cosmetics.
Based on our experience as a first-generation online shopping mall, we want to become a differentiated
beauty advisor so that you can meet the intrinsic value of our products.


We are Yamato Total Beauty

"Your beauty is the inspiration of COSNORI."
Since its establishment in 2001, we create the best quality based on 20 years of beauty know-how.
As a total beauty brand, we want to introduce differentiated products to everyone who dreams of
beauty with new standards and definitions unique to COSNORI.

Based on the beauty that is the inspiration and identity of Kosnori, it goes beyond Korea and abroad.
China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh,
Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Tunisia, New Zealand, USA, Chile, Peru
Starting with 17 countries, we are expanding our global scope.


NO.1 The new standard of total beauty

We value your beauty and put your sincerity into it.
To make you shine even more, the new standard of total beauty, NO.1 COSNORI